My dog is scratching, but I cant see any fleas.

Dogs can scratch for numerous reasons, allergies, anxieties, skin complaints, but if your dog is scratching more than usual and breaking its skin it might be a problem with fleas.

We can help and advise you on the best solution. We have flea treatments for your dog to rid them of the parasites and products for your home to blitz them out of your lives.

Fleas also work up an immunity to the flea treatments so you need to make sure you’re getting the correct, most up to date product from your vet, otherwise they won’t be effective.

Whilst your dog is bring groomed it’s essential to wash their bedding and treat your home for fleas otherwise they will reinfect when they return home.
We have a range of products to assist with this.

What age should I bring my puppy in?

Puppies first time at the groomers should be a calm, positive experience, getting them used to the procedure and the salon without getting stressed
Introducing a puppy as early as possible to the grooming salon is essential and we recommend bringing them in for their first visit as soon as they’ve received their course of inoculations
We offer a very calm way of getting your pup used to us and the grooming salon ensuring they become comfortable with the process.
This consists of three visits, a little longer each time,  acquainting them with the sights and sounds of the environment and the equipment so that when they have their first full groom it is a calm, positive experience, and they are totally at ease.
Each program sessions usually only lasts a few minutes.

My dog is nervous, can I stay throughout the groom?

Some dogs are nervous and you may want to stay to reassure them but they often relax more without the distraction of their owners being there.
We’re happy to work with you though and if we feel that you’re dog is calmer with your presence then we’re happy to assist.

Which is best for me and my dog…a mobile groomer or a visit to the salon ?

Maybe your dog doesn’t travel well, or is nervous or aggressive around other dogs?

Then the mobile salon may be the best option for you both. Grooming at your home can not only more convenient for you but can be less stressful for your pooch.

We work on one dog at a time so they have our one on one undivided attention, and we always hand dry so they are never left in drying cabinets and cages.

The dog enjoys the quiet and calm of the mobile salon without the interference of other noisy dogs waiting to be groomed, so we are ideal for unsociable, nervous or elderly dogs.

The whole process takes approximately one hour depending on what is required and once the dog steps out of the van he is already home!