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Top Coats- providing complete grooming and wellness treatments for dogs since 2001

Top Coats started its journey in 2001 as a mobile grooming service. Three vans and 17 years later we’re expanding our service to cope with demand, to include a lovely salon in Hove to run alongside the mobile service. Based in the hub of Boundary Road just north of Portslade Station, theres plenty to do while you wait for your pooch to be beautified.

We have a very loyal customers base and affiliations with other small businesses and charities where the welfare of your dog is paramount.

Your pets health, happiness and well being is at the heart of the service we offer, and every groom comes with a health check as standard. We are qualified, insured, professional and friendly groomers adept at all styles to breed standards. We are also happy to cut and style to your particular wishes.

We operate on a booked appointment basis which allows you to drop your dog off at your, or a little before your, appointment time and collect them at an agreed time later in the day.

Prior to your first groom, a Full Consultation is offered so that we can help pet owners find a manageable style for their dog that suits the dog’s lifestyle.

We will listen and advise you on your style ideas, talk to you about your dog to learn of any little pecadillos your mutt may have.

We offer a range of services to suit you and your dogs needs, any likes, dislikes, weak joints, operations or illnesses, skin problems and funny proclivities. From a quick bath and blow dry, to a full clip and groom, flea treatment and claw cutting. We have a selection of shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog’s skin and coat. We’re happy to use any prescription shampoos or treatments your vet may have recommended.

We have an extensive range of Vegan Cruelty free shampoos and products and we’re aiming to have a completely Vegan salon in the near future.

On each subsequent groom, encouraged every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your dog’s coat healthy and manageable, we will check the health of your dog since their last groom and enquire of any changes you wish to make to style or length.

Our fully comprehensive services include:

All dogs are given a Top Coats health check and we will inform you of any issues.

  1. Eyes – Should be clear and bright.
  2. Nose – Wet and cold (a dry nose doesn’t always mean illness, it could be a skin condition).
  3. Skin – Check for any lumps, bumps or infections.
  4. Teeth and gums – clean and not inflamed.
  5. Ears – Clean and smell free
  6. Nails – At a manageable length, trimmed if too long.

Happy & Healthy Dogs

At top coats we treat our dear furry customers with a great portion
of love and devotion. We believe our groomers are the best and guarantee your pet is in a safe and friendly environment.

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