How does it all work?

Bath And Blow Dry
Puppy Intro Service

Come to us in our salon!

Our lovely salon is in the heart of Portslade/Hove and ideal for all dogs and owners. We are right opposite the entrance to Aldi so you can park and get your shopping done there while you wait for us to work our magic! It is a warm, bright, welcoming salon with dog and kiddie treats.

Come to peruse our ever expanding shop for stylish collars, veterinary recommended harnesses and grooming aids.

We have hydraulic tables that lower down to the floor so dogs can step on to be lifted up to avoid any jumping or accidents. A wide range of professional hand held and stand dryers to suit all sizes and temperaments.

Mobile service

We come to you with everything we need in our fully equipped mobile salon. We park outside your home or place of work, plug in, pop your pooch in the mobile salon

The warm invigorating walk-in hydro bath is powerful enough to penetrate into the thickest of coats, yet gentle enough to for the smallest of dogs. Our high velocity dryer blasts away excess water, hair and dead skin from the coat in a matter of minutes and the hydraulic grooming table will gently lift any elderly or large dog with ease. We use hand dryers to style and dry before working our magic with our scissors!

Grooming at your home can not only more convenient for you but can be less stressful for your pooch. We work on one dog at a time so they have our one on one undivided attention, and we always hand dry so they are never left in drying cabinets and cages. The dog enjoys the quiet and calm of the mobile salon without the interference of other noisy dogs waiting to be groomed, so we are ideal for unsociable, nervous or elderly dogs. The whole process takes approximately one hour depending on what is required and once the dog steps out of the van he is already home!

Your dog will receive an invigorating hydro-bath enabling us to massage out dead hair and skin, and put back essential oils to keep it’s coat soft and shiny. We use a range of natural professional shampoos and conditioners specific to the condition of the coat and skin, leaving your dogs coat in top condition.

The dog is then blown dry, clearing out any remaining loose hair and skin. Clipping and styling can then be done before cleaning ears and clipping claws. We finish with a treatment of evening primrose conditioning spray that gives a lovely shine and smell.

This mobile visit is a premium 1 to 1 service, to your home and thus will be reflected in the price.

We cover Hove, Portslade, Lancing area and also further north to Hurstpierpoint and Hassocks

Please call to see if we work in your area.

Contact Info
96 Boundary Road, Hove, BN3 7GB
Monday – Saturday
from 9:00 to 18:00
Free day – Sunday