What We Do

Our Services

Nail trim and paw tidy up from £5
Drop in if you’re passing!

Bath and blow dry from £20
Warm Invigorating hydrobath to loosen dead hair, de-oderize the coat and maybe rid the coat of parasites
Followed by a blow dry with a blaster/dryer suited best to your dogs size, temperament and coat.
We’re happy to use any prescription shampoos or treatments your vet may have recommended, or we have a selection of shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog’s skin and coat.

The drying process stimulates hair growth, loosens hair and dead skin from the coat to leave the coat fresh and de-oderized.

Styling from £35
After the bath and blow dry we start to work our magic with the scissors.
We are adept, imaginative groomers able to cut and style to breed standards or we will listen and advise you on your style ideas, and can style to your particular wishes.

If your pet is matted, it may need matts cutting out or an all over clip off.
Your pets health, happiness and well being is at the heart of the service we offer, so we will advise on dematting to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort for your dog.

Puppy first visit from £15
An introduction to the salon in a relaxed visit which includes as much as your puppy is happy with.
it is important that your puppys first visit to the grooming salon is a positive one and we recommend bringing them in as soon as they have had their inoculations.

Please note that dogs coats, sizes and temperaments vary and this will be reflected in the price

Did you absolutely and utterly fell in love with a pet in Pets Club? Do you need to check whether it is available for your adoption? We are here to assist you with this!